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When you’re in your best health, you bring your best self to your career and to your family. 

We help you get there with customized fitness plans built around your schedule and lifestyle.

Feel strong + confident

Be leaner + look toned

Feel energized + be focused

With a demanding career, parenting, and daily errands, it's easy to put your health on the back burner...

fitting workouts and nutrition into your schedule can feel overwhelming - but it doesn't have to.

Because with High Performance Health Coaching we give you:


Breakthrough call

This is a call about you: your goals, your barriers, and what you need the most help with


We walk you through your customized plan that moves the needle towards your best health 

The Evolved You

We monitor your progress and guide you through your journey every step of the way

Your Coach

Michael Laviolette is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who believes that you have to be in your best health to bring your best self to your career, to the people that you lead and the people you love, and that you need to be proactive in your health so you don’t have to be reactive to injury and disease.


This is a lesson he learned while working in the orthopedic clinic. He was addicted to work, letting his health dwindle, and found himself going down a path similar to his father who unexpectedly passed due to a lack of attention on his health.

Mike is now committed to helping high performing professionals and busy parents get in the best shape they’ve ever been in so they can bring their best to the people they love and serve, both personally and professionally.

In his personal time, Mike enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and emerging himself in the culture for a few weeks out of the year, building strong relationships, and expanding his knowledge on health research and leadership skills.


Do you want to get in shape? Do you have 24 minutes a week (that’s 3.5 minutes per day) to devote to your health?

If you said yes to both of those questions, download the Evolve 24 workout framework and have a kickstart to get in the best shape of your life.


David Grams

Driving 30 minutes to and from work, working 40 hours at the clinic, teaching as an adjunct at a college, was training for my 2nd degree black belt and studying to become and FAAOMPT. I really didn’t have a lot of time.

When I started working with Mike, I was able to take this block of time that I had to execute a program that really worked for me and was adaptable to the goals that I had. He helped me take control of my physical health.

Mike has helped me drop 35 lbs and Im off all heart and cholesterol medications.

Georgio Baylouney
Owner of PhysioRx

Mike Understood that I’m a business owner and a father, and my business gets hectic at times. He made the workouts fit in with my life.

My goal was to lose weight and put on muschle and he’s totally delivered on that. I’ve dropped a pant size and am wearing suits that I haven’t worn in years.

Brian Lambert
Multiple Business Owner

I run 2 business and I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of the time I spend in the gym. In 6 weeks I dropped 10 pounds. I’ve got more energy, more strength, more motivation.

If you’re looking to get results get involved with Evolve. I’ve done many things over the years and NOTHING has been like this.

Mike Mitchell
Director of Alumni Relations

The physical benefits are easy to notice. When I started I could barely even do a push up, now I can drop and hammer out 10-15 push ups, and I’m moving pretty significant weight… My wife grabbed me 2 months into the program and told me she noticed that I had been much happier over the past couple of months. It felt good to see that people I cared about were seeing the changes…

Getting started with Mike was one of the best decisions I ever made…I can’t be happier with the work that I’m doing with Mike.

If you’ve gotten this far the odds are you’re successful, busy, and looking to improve your fitness and health.

You want to be stronger and more confident in how you look in the mirror, at work, and out with your spouse.

You want to have more energy throughout your work day and for your family.

You want to have the longevity to support your family for the long haul.

You’ve seen the stories and the success of others who have been in the program…and you want to know more.

For information on what the program looks like or how to enroll click the link below and let’s get you moving towards the Evolved you.